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Fake roles should be major characters IMO, if you make open claiming games which can be partially solved by flavour. I would propably make one or two more captains fake roles in this game.

I like One Piece mashup in this respect, because flavour was not alignment indicative. Same in Ratchet's Harry Potter, where scum team was 2 Gryffindors and 1 Slytherin.
I disagree that major characters are the only one that can be fake claims, and it did have one captain fake claim. Fake claims worked this game overall.
I open claimed because someone claimed a guilty on me???? Should I have just been lynched instead? My role was supposed to give me immunity to redirection too, so I could worry less about interference. Have you read anything or are you just being a cunt?
And nobody could intefere with you after Night 1 when you gained that immunity.


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I got tunneled to the max despite being IC but what's the point of blaming it on fuji or the game
who tunneled you "to the max"
u didnt have more than 1 vote on u at a time and none was pushing for ur lynch specially after n3, more so wanting u to contribute more as an IC
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