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This is my shrine to my carefully curated list of waifus. I'll post official and fan art in this thread, and may use it for discussion.

Feel free to recommend me stories that you would think fit my stated tastes. I'll check it out, if the story is sufficiently engaging and the character hooks me, I'll add her to the list.

Current Waifu List:

What Makes a Waifu?
I'm looking for a story that features prominently (said character doesn't have to be the MC) a princess (or other high noble girl) that is exceptionally strong in combat, sadistic or otherwise ruthless, independent and driven. Bonus points if she's exceptionally competent outside combat as well.

Detailed Breakdown
Exceptional competence (preferably in combat and outside combat) is required. Looking at the characters that fit this archetype that I'm most enamoured with, they tend to occupy the highest strata (around one in a million) in terms of ability (or depending on where they are in their growth) potential.

General exceptional competence beyond combat is appealing, but I can greatly enjoy characters that only just excel in combat.

Excellence in politics, scheming, strategy and interpersonal relationships.

Royalty/high nobility is a strict requirement. I prefer settings in which the aristocracy are generally substantially superior in combat ability to the protelatariat (e.g. via greater innate magic/other supernatural potential, hereditary abilities, better training, etc).

It is crucial that they were raised in aristocracy/high nobility. I care a lot more about their pedigree than their current social status.

Yes, I have an aristocracy fetish.

Sadism isn't necessary, someone that is merely ruthless (willing to be merciless in pursuit of their goals) would be satisfactory. The willingness to be ruthless is the only requirement I think. I can find sadism appealing when done well.

The sadistic examples of this archetype have been blood knights who delight and thrill in combat. That I think is what I found appealing and not mere delight in the suffering of others.

I always love ambitious characters that are very agentic, possess an internal locus of control and proactive in pursuit of their goals. High self confidence is required, cockiness is appealing when someone has the ability to back it up.

I like someone who is in charge of their own life and is very proactive in pursuit of their goals.

None of the characters that come to mind have been an active romantic interest of the protagonist. I don't intrinsically have something against that, but it's very easy to reduce female characters to just an accessory to the male MC. If said character is best defined in relation to the male MC, I find that grossly off putting.

The agentic, confident, strong princess that I find appealing is severely undermined if she's just an accessory to the protagonist.