Theory Bonney will become the Revolutionary Army No. 3

After Bonney sees Kuma’s memories, imo she has to become a revo. Her taking the memories is basically an implication that she inherits Kuma’s will, and Kuma’s will was surely to serve Dragon.

Given how powerful Kuma was, I think Bonney being the inheritor of his will necessitates that she be similarly powerful. I think this will be done in the form of a science power up during egghead island. Bonney, seeing Kuma’s flashback, will demand Vegapunk turn her into a powerful cyborg in order for her to help destroy the WG fleet that looms over Egghead island. Vegapunk will initially resist, but will eventually agree.

I think Vegapunk’s upgrades will give her the following power ups:

  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced strength
  • Lasers
  • A mechanical arm that can release the bubble shield
  • Possibly flight

With these powers, I think Bonney will become much more powerful. She will defeat Doll and/or maybe some other VA during Egghead Island, earn a 1 billion berry bounty, and become Dragon’s No. 3. In doing so, Bonney will keep Kuma’s will alive and will ultimately play a major role in helping the revolutionaries overthrow the Celestial Dragons.


Throw that bitch out of the window.
Oda will just waste panels on her.
She isn't necessary for us to know what happened to kuma. Kuma will be either way explained to us because of him saving SHP ship for 2 years. Its still unexplained.

Gorosei Informer

will demand Vegapunk turn her into a powerful cyborg
This would be extremely contradictory to her character imo.

She might find the justification with Kuma's memories and knowing why he sacrificed himself like that, but given her reaction to what Vegapunk did to him and being upset that her father is now "dead and gone", in a form of robotic/cyber undeath and technoslavery, I cannot see her ever agreeing to this.

I could see her getting some external Vegapunk tech as upgrades like a jetpack, the bubble gun or those photonic gloves or w/e.

Your ideas for her will be most likely much better than whatever does with her though lol.
I can't see her serving Dragon but then again, her taking on her fathers will, replacing him and using the Revs to get revenge on the WG would be sweet. She's a perfect candidate to be a Revolutionary for a few reasons and she could potentially befriend Sabo, Betty, Koala abd whoever else too.

Bonney vs Doll would be cool too.

I suspect she might end up aging up the Seraphim for some reason too and shit will get absolutely insane due to that top naturally. Kuma one would nake sense for her at least too.