Versus Battle Boosted Shin Vs Gakuhaku Kou


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Since the fight is still fresh in our mind and I think GKH is the closest candidate to be Urouge's Kingdom judging from the praises he get recently. This match up is really necessary to created.:madmonk:

So, Glaive Shin with same speed as Sword Shin vs Mr. Dumpling.

One v One, fight to death. Who wins and why?

IMO Shin wins. Sword Shin could catch GKH defence once or twice but he couldn't do much damage/can't overpowering GKH defence because lack of power from his tiny sword.. replace his sword with glaive to add more power, Shin would take GHK head sooner.

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I don't think Tag worked. But, Shin wins over Dumpling-sama is inevitable in any given scenario.
I think sword Shin would've lost again GKH if the fight continue tbh. He still needs his glaive power to finish the job. As he said he can't overpowered GKH swordmanship defence probably due to lacking power of his sword, the moment he change to glaive, he broke GKH sword along with a half of his body.

Can you help me with the tag? First I hardly get tag's notif, now it seems I couldn't tag people either lol.

I try to re-tagging , help me if this ain't working too. Lol
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Don’t really see what boosting Shin adds when Shin couldn’t even land hits on the guy in the first place lol. Let Shin pull weapon-swapping shenanigans again then sure, but under a straight contest of fighting strength and skill, Shin loses again just like he lost this contest at Eikyuu.
Sword Shin was getting rag dolled by Gakuhaku anyway, his speed was still slower. Give him a glaive then Gakuhaku simply goes back to using a mace and overpowers him.

In a straight fight, both versions of Shin were losing. It was literally the quick thinking act of weapon swapping while Gakuhaku had his more fragile weapon that allowed Shin to win.

So if Shin only has one weapon, he loses. Lol.