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|Bounty System|

This One Piece Role-Play offers a playground in which players can wreak havoc, enforce order, and capitalise on either one of those. The bounty system outlines the rewards players can acquire by participating in PvP quests involving players with two naturally opposing factions.


Every crime committed by a player has a range of bounty associated with it which will be placed on that player's head. This bounty is then further modified by the difficulty of the quest these crimes were committed in. Below is a list of crimes and achievements that can give you a bounty. Bounties for any crime are only awarded if they are witnessed by someone and reported in your RP (you do not have to RP the crime being reported, it simply needs to be clear that the crime was witnessed and would eventually be reported). Needless to say, if your crime is committed in complete secrecy or anonymity, it will not gain you a bounty increase.

Each crime is given a range of suggested values. Based on the severity and peripheral circumstances of the crime, the quest grader is free to pick a suitable value from this range to assign to a criminal for committing said crime.

Note: If a minor crime is implied or committed under the umbrella of a more serious crime, its bounty values may not be applied to you as they would be covered by the values of the serious crime. (This is also for the sake of simplicity and to make the quest grader's job a little easier.) Additionally, if you commit multiple crimes of the same or similar types within a single quest, you may only find yourself awarded a bounty for some of them as seen fit by the quest grader. This is so that players may not end up with bounties on their heads that are unsuitable for their level.