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Hello everyone,

As many of us already know, One Piece is about to go on break for about a month, with many of us having to wait before knowing the following events. But don't worry, we have prepared a small entertainment for you :shocking:

Indeed, to test your patience, we decided to do a small game i designed, to test how long you'd be able to resist the month break. The core of the game is pretty simple and straight forward, month break survival, with you needing to jump(or swipe up on mobile) to survive, all that in many familiar environments you'd have to pass through one by one to be able to win.

There are other core details that i'd leave it up to the users' imagination to understand, especially considering they are pretty straight forward


Concerning the reward, i decided to make it look as followed depending on the situation

- If multiple people finish the game, the one who finishes the game the fastest(and make it known) gets 2 month VIP, with the second or/and third fastest getting a month VIP

- If a single person finishes the game, the one who finishes it gets 2 month VIP

- In the unlikely event that no one finishes the game, the one who gets the furthest gets a month VIP

In any other cases, they also get the benefit of entertainment :moonwalk:

The following thread will be used for discussions around the game, keep track on the event(how far you went, winner(s), and so on):

Since it's a test version, i decided to make it as simple as possible, but depending on how appreciated it could be, it could potentially serve as a basis or further developed in case of future events

But long story short, here is the link for the ones willing to participate: Enjoy

--Your Worstgen Staff :optimistic:
To be faithful to the original the runner would have to be Drake in beast form (eh, Allosaurus not a T-Rex but close enough) and the airborne enemies would have to be King in animal form while the ground enemies could be Miss DoubleFinger using her thorn / spine thingies to act as the cactus
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