Can end of story Zoro defeat Katakuri with his aura?

Can Future Sword God defeat Big Mom's son with his aura

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So currently Zoro can defeat opponents just by his overwhelming force of will if the opponent is a low difficulty fight for Zoro.
Now Monet is not weak by any means, as a matter of fact Luffy with the use of Gear 2nd and Haki still struggled with Monet and technically lost his clash while Hakiless Gear 2nd Luffy was able to one shot Holdem.

And we know Zoro has always shown as man of overwhelming will power and aura to the point where his overwhelming aura even manifesting into a Demon

So my question is towards the end of story when we have seen all of Zoro's journey, when he has done some of the biggest things we have seen in manga, performed some of the biggest feats in history of One Piece, can he do this to Katakuri?

We know YCs like Smoothie are in shock and awe when Big Mom has her tantrum. Jinbe who wasn't afraid of Big Mom at all, was shaking seeing Rayleigh. Shanks entering WB's ship made Jozu acknowledge that Shanks' ambition is crazy and you need to be prepared to withstand him.

EOS Zoro will be above all of them, he will have CoC and his demonic like aura. Of course Katakuri will be at least intimidated.
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