Questions & Mysteries Can Law move Shanks

Can Law move Shanks directly

  • No; his Haki is too strong

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  • Yes; despite his Haki, his normal size would allow Law to make a smaller room & save stamina

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I just don’t think Oda needed to make Haki the reason Law can’t move BM & Kaido. I’m was skeptical he could move em either way

They’re behemoths denser than ships. Even without Haki, I think Law (at full HP) would maybe have barely enough juice for 1 room big enough for them, & that’s with non-dragon Kaido. I think just trying to make a room that fits dragon Kaido or someone like Sanjuan Wolf would kill him.

But now since it’s explained by Haki, that most likely means Law couldn’t move Shanks (a normal sized man comparatively as light as a feather) either, which is some straight hooey


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Doffy implicated CoA can mess up with hax. It's highly unlikely he was off track.

Based off his logic yes in all likelihood, unless he allowed him to.

Also nothing rules off the chance CoC could be involved too, we can very well at least posit it.