Theory Caribou is stealing pluton and bringing it to Blackbeard


-Caribou can store anything inside his body, even a ship would fit in there, as in the pluton is a ship
- caribou already knows about ancient weapon shirahoshi
- caribou could be listening to robin and former shogun conversation and find out about pluton.

So 2 options:

1) he steals pluton inside his body and at some point meet blackbeard and give it to him
2) he just meets blackbeard and tells him about pluton and then blackbeard comes to attack wano and take Pluton.
I hate Caribou he hasn't done shit in the story if he just has a big moment out of nowhere it would be dumb asf.

Caribou is most likely working for blackbeard though.

Caribou prays to God after killing marines. So he can't be praying to the Sun God.

He's praying to the Moon God which Blackbeard will be.
I font think he is capable enough to steal pluton..
U will need to destroy those big walls (which are under water) first..
And we don't know what kind of weapon is..if someone need special power or there are ancient language commands to operate it..
His power got to have some sort of upper limit to it. Pluton should be a huge battleship, and I find it hard to believe Caribou cold absorb it and still move around like nothing happened.

But him telling Blackbeard about it is almost a fact. That I do agree with.