[FNZ] Role Madness Castlevania : What is a Man? - Game Thread


A miserable little pile of secrets.

Players - 13
Length - 72/24
Lynch - Majority
Claiming - Full
Players: 13/13
01 - @Mr. Reloaded
02 - @RippedCal
03 - @Ratchet
04 - @Rej
05 - @MangoSenpai
06 - @Red Night
07 - @Kiku
08 - @Emil
09 - @Michelle
10 - @Cubey
11 - @Random Asshole
12 - @Yoho
13 - @Fujishiro

01 - @Lord Melkor

Setup Information -
  • Experimental Setup - This game will prominently feature traditional Mafia expectations with possible twists. It is suggested you come into this game with an open mind and with the goal of having a good time.
  • Closed Setup - Players are informed of their own roles, and nothing beyond this.
  • Limited Flips - Role names and flavour will be revealed upon a player's death. A full list of abilities will only be revealed at the end of the game.
  • Night Start - This game will start with a Night Phase, defined as Night 0.
  • Majority Lynch - A Lynch will only occur once a player has more than 50% of the available votes in play on them. Once majority has been reached on a player, at any point, the Day Phase will end, and transition to an informal (unannounced) Dusk Phase. Vote changes made after this point will not count, but Day actions (if any) will be accepted. If Majority is not reached on a player before the deadline for the Day Phase, the Day will end with no lynch occurring.
  • Phase Lengths - This game is divided into cycles, with 1 cycle being defined as 1 Day Phase, and 1 Night Phase. Day Phases last up to 72 hours, and Night Phases last up to 24 hours. I reserve the right to change these limits to suit my schedule better. In the event that I am unable to end a Phase on time, assume that the allotted time remains the same unless I announce otherwise.
  • Full Claiming - This game has no restrictions on claiming.
Game Rules -
  • Do not quote your role PM, but paraphrase instead. This includes using screenshots, or any method which allows one to analyse wording of roles to gain an advantage. If you're unsure as to what you are allowed to say, please check with me first.
  • Do not edit posts. If you need to correct a mistake or add to a post, double post instead.
  • To vote a player, use the format Vote: Player, where "Player" is the name of the player you wish to vote for. I reserve the right to not count votes that do not follow this exact format, but generally-speaking as long as your vote is Bolded and includes the word "Vote", I'll probably count it. "Unvote" and "Change Vote" is not required for your altered votes to count, but you may use either as you please. Unparsed version of the format: Vote: Player.
  • Players are expected to make at least 8 posts per Day Phase, and to submit actions every Night Phase where applicable, or to Abstain if you wish not to do so. Failure to do either once will result in a warning - subsequent failures to achieve activity standards will result in a modblock while I seek a replacement, and failing that, a modkill. If you're unable to meet the activity requirements, please let me know - I'm willing to be extremely lenient where I can be especially if your inactivity will be for a cycle only, but not if you don't give me prior warning.
  • Please leave complaints about the setup and my conduct as a Host until the end of the game, where all criticism and critique will be welcomed.
  • If you believe I have made a mistake, please let me know privately - if said mistake requires me to address it publicly I will do so. This is not required for minor issues like vote counts.
  • All communication about the game belongs in the thread. If you're talking about information in the game that is already made public outside of the game, I'm likely to be lenient, but anything that should be private or pertains to the game as it is currently being played should be within this thread. Any breakage of this rule that constitutes a form of cheating will not only likely lead to a modkill for all parties involved, but also bans from any future games I run.
  • If you are dead, I will allow 1 or 2 reaction posts from the dead players only. Anything that informs players on which direction to focus on or provides an advantage will be requested to be deleted and the individual responsible likely banned from future games I host.
  • Any attempts to game the setup or the spirit of the game run the risk of being modkilled. This includes, but it not limited to, public requests for replacements, using online forum activity to gain an advantage, "truth tells" and quoting flavour excerpts from your role PM.

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Status - Day 5

Players Alive (02/13) -

Graveyard -
Red Night , (A Cat subweapon / Vanilla Townie)
Emil , (A Rebound Stone subweapon / One-shot Busdriver)
Cubey , (A Stopwatch subweapon / Three-shot Roleblocker)
MangoSenpai, Turtle (Sub weapon / Iron Townie)
Fujishiro, Holy Water (Sub weapon / Armed Doctor)
Kiku , (Agunea subweapon / One-shot Lightning Rod)
Ratchet , (Death / A Mafia Suicide Bomber Bodyguard)
Mr. Reloaded, (Shaft / A Mafia Redirector)

RippedCal , (Dragon subweapon / Tracker)
Random Asshole , (Knife subweapon / A Vanilla Townie Vanilla Townie with Hidden Enable)

Michelle , (Richter Belmont / An Evolving Serial Killer A Dying Vig)

Thread Links -
Night 0
End of Day 1
Night 1
End of Day 2
Night 2
End of Day 3
Night 3
End of Day 4
Night 4
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Night 0

My Father knows I am on my way. The castle gate is closing, but his effort proves futile, as I can easily make it through to the castle grounds before the gate can be shut. Look! He's thoughtfully left out his hounds to guard the way into the great castle halls. Too bad the giant wolf creatures will fall with but one blow from my sword. The destruction of the third hellhound has coincidentally lighted my way forward. And with that light brings forth greenish ghouls from the floor. They rise endlessly, trying to swarm me from both sides, but they are so pitifully easy to destroy. I need simply swipe at them to clear my path forward.

It is Night 0. Day 1 will begin in 24 hours of this post.
Deadline - May 20th Noon ET

Day 1

Who is this? Quite unexpected to counter such a beautiful and innocent face amongst all of this repugnance. Her name is Maria, a lyrical name for such a sweet spirit. I am quite pleased we share the same purpose in the Castle's destruction. She says she'll meet me later if I "live that long." Ah well. I suppose I must prove myself a worthy ally before expecting help in this loathsome fortress. I have a feeling we will, in fact, meet again.
Alucard has met Maria!

ACK! What a fearsome warrior. My shield had no effect on his wild swings. The strength of his blows almost overwhelmed me if not for a familiar Cat jumping into to take the hit at the last second. Maybe Maria is truly watching out for me.
@Red Night , (A Cat subweapon / Vanilla Townie) has been killed!

Elsewhere. Powers were growing. "I will need weapons to be ready for the battle at the end. I will need power. I must be the strongest of all of them. You. I will start with You."
@Emil , (A Rebound Stone subweapon / One-shot Busdriver) has been crushed!(Killed)

Day 1 begins.
With 11 alive it is 6 to lynch!