[FNZ] Role Madness Castlevania : What is a Man? - Game Thread

I‘m going to assume Kiku is a LR and pulled all actions towards here previous night.
Good job^^.

So all actions and not just kills?
Yeah, all actions
It's redirection or failing?

It literally says failed in the night writeup.
I'm just going off what I saw claimed in thread lol.

But yeah if you're the reason it actually failed rachet should be dead by his own claim

[Vote Lynch Ratchet]
Why did you do that when we needed Ratchet to confirm himself.
1. It was already a struggle to not use the funniest move in mafia night 0, no way I could hold on to that for more than a night

2. If I didn't use it then I would be the unconfirmed one and then I'd be on the chopping block

3. I expected that if Ratchet was telling the truth about his ability that he'd die anyway. In fact, that's what I still expect. His explanation doesn't seem plausible to me
Idk, but if his vig kill failed, got redirected to Kiku. Ratchet still dies regardless his kill is successful or not.

That's condition of his ability, not an action that will get influenced by Kiku ability? No
Idk. It's possible everything gets transferred to Kiku.

Idk how you got your result, then, btw. You should have gotten that Michelle targetted Kiku, no?