Versus Battle Cell vs Broly

Cell takes on the original version of Broly who fought the Z-Fighters in DBZ movies.

The fight takes place at the North Pole.

Cell is in his Perfect form.

Scenario 1: Cell can't go Super Perfect.
Scenario 2: Cell is in Super Perfect form.

Who wins ?


I'll never forgive you Oda
It's been awhile since I revisited the DBZ movies, so some of this may be a little off.

Scenario 1β€”

Broly has the raw power advantage. Against Goku, he was almost toying with him. Clearly exerting the maximum power he had, but nonetheless wasn't trying to instantly crush Goku. Contrast to that, Cell found himself worked up enough by his fight with Goku, that Goku believed Cell needed a Senzu bean to replenish his lost ki. While Cell wasn't all out against Goku, it seems like he was giving enough effort into it.

The only questionable aspect is if Cell's regeneration could play a role in getting a sneak attack off at Broly's abdomen scar, his very obvious weak spot. I'll say, probably not.

Scenario 2β€”

Super Perfect Cell should take this easily. SSJ2 Gohan's ki was cut dramatically, sure, but it was still far more than any other Super Saiyan around. All of whom are more or less comparable to Goku, just weaker. He should be strong enough and fast enough to penetrate Broly's abdomen and end him.
I haven't seen the movies in a long time but from what I remember Broly is debatably top 5 within Z (Not including BoG or RF).

Broly wins scenario 1 Low Diff. Cell just doesnt have anything above him but intelligence and that really doesn't matter when Broly was able to destroy a whole galaxy while Cell was only stated to be Solar System level by himself with no proof behind the statement (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Broly wins scenario 2 Low Mid Diff. Same point as I said previously except Cell is stronger.
Forget LSSJ Broly, even SSJ Broly beats Cell as he was easily toying with Goku and didn't have a scratch when Vegeta attacked him.

SPC however can keep up with LSSJ Broly far better but eventually he gets defeated too.

In movie 10, Gohan was even stronger than his younger counterpart, who fought Broly and Cell, and yet, LSSJ Broly easily crushed him although the latter was still weakened from his deep wound.