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Who are your favourite characters?

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I'm not asking for a replica in terms of plot, i'm just saying to stick with what made chainsaw man good i.e. its a fun series.

I don't agree with you about Firepunch sorry. There were many elements of the author's weird degeneracy seeping in being masked behind the 'this is deep' facade. Manga author 101.
Never mentioned plot, from your last post it seems you are implying you want a replicate in pace equating to the fun aspect right?

Once again if he had kept that same energy things would've gotten dull quick. It's even a common thing in literature there's a limit on the escalation of a story. Thats the reason slowing down things sometimes is best decision to then later rebuild the momentum.

I love how you also completely ignore the multitude reasons that set him apart that i provided. If you read FirePunch he set the story theme and tone clear. From jump we are thrown in a nilastic apocalyptic World which include disturbing shit like rape,incest, molestation etc. He intentionally only did that for FirePunch and not his other works (excluding somewhat CSM that's is on a lukewarm side of this)
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I was planning to read part 2 later. It is that bad?
I miss the characters that died in part 1. Also, for me the comparison is a little unfair, as I binge read part 1, while part 2 I have to read weekly, so it feels slow to me simply because of weekly releases.

Overall I kinda like "the story goes on" trope, but I'm less invested in part 2 so far.

I would recommend you to give it a go and see for yourself how much you enjoy it ;)
"Typical loser Manga authors" wtf are you even talking about??? Are projecting or something?
Lol, maybe do a bit of research about what type of person your average mangaka is. Additionally have a look at what type of person your average 'dedicated' japanese fan is.

Always gives me a chuckle when the phrase projecting is used. You might as well throw in insecure to complete the buzzword combo.