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Lol Asa you dumb fuck, learn to read the room.

Fami isn't her want her to play nice it seems, Yoru don't want anything to do with

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The Rogue Prince
Hey, Fujimoto, I knew there would be other Horsemen devils, too. Great minds indeed think alike. :pepehawk:

So, we gonna see Conquest Devil at some point, too, then, before finally meeting Death Devil, since Death is the leader and the strongest of the Horsemen. :pepecroc:

Who knows, maybe the Apocalypse Devil is the Primordial devil who will be the endgame villain? :pepebuggy:
Conquest Devil is basically Makima/Control Devil. She also has the same eyes as Yoru & Fami. But yeah Death Devil is probably the strongest.

Is Denji fighting the eternity devil again?
From what i understood, he thinks he's fighting Eternity which is why he said the pain in the ass is back from hell.

It's Fami's power though. Denji & Asa are just locked in that space because Fami wants to break Asa's morality.
lmao, Asa turning into a massive red flag... cockblocking Denji is quite a feat. :suresure:

I'd be sorely disappointed if this was actually Death. When Darkness was introduced, I always thought of Death as the highest of the primordial fears, the strongest devil there is, a presence even more intimidating than Darkness.

But it might actually be, since she has the same eyes as Makima and Yoru, and apparently reversed Yuko's death.
To quote myself, I'm glad Fami is not Death. Death should be what everyone is ultimately afraid of, so Death should be completely hax and have an introduction as epic as Darkness.

But nice twist that she's actually another horseman. Wonder how she can also access Asa's mind, and if all of her presences so far have only been in Asa's mind as well?

Anyway, not sure how to feel about the recycled Eternity concept; but with both Bat and Eternity now returning, there seems to be some kind of scheme. Wild shot: Is this somehow related to power? Since power should be in hell, maybe she's the one killing all these devils that her and Denji fought together to send some kind of message, lol.

Anyway, looking forward to more Asa + Denji interaction!
If Makima had indeed been the Conquest Devil, then why even named her Control Devil at all?

Besides, Conquest is one mean of Control, but Conquest is not exactly Control itself.
I think when Makima's true identity was first revealed, she was translated as Domination Devil. So I always thought it's more than just control, and more in the conquest/domination realm, which control is a part of. Ultimately, she loves dominating people.
What I'm ultimately hoping for is that Asa and Denji Don't have a romance, but a partnership is fine. A Team of sorts.
They'll just have to damn near kill each other etc before that happens.

I do wonder about Fermi's (Fami) goal here, taking away Yoru somehow but wanting to make Denji into a weapon, for what reason exactly?
I don't imagine the same goal is shared between Fermi and Yoru but their methods are similar?