Chap 1111: Sun Shield

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World's Strongest Swordsman
Potentially Garling as well

Though I expect most of the remaining 8 to be revealed in vivre cards/databook/SBS
I actually think bar yoru
These are the other 11 weapons
Wbs is on there
The sword closest in the middle zoomed in has a curved hilt like a kitetsu so Ghandi's
Ace us on there
Whats interesting is there is a black blade there too.
is banana man's sword on here ?
Oda can’t have one chapter without stacking the deck in Luffy’s favor.

Only cool part is how terrified Lucci looked when Mars flew down to him. It kind of sells the Gorosei as a legit threat (only for everything else to remind me they, in fact, aren’t).
Its not that he cannot. It just that LUFFY HAS NOT BEEN SERIOUS AT ALL and the GORESEI ARE NOT A THREAT TO LUFFY.

Everyting is fake tension.

Serious Luffy take Kizaru and all 5 Goresei 6 v 1.

Serious Luffy is the Lufy that fought Kaido.

Luffy had only user Advanced CoC once in this arc. He has not used Advamced Armsment haki as well. He only used Future Sight oncs this arc.

Luffy has been playing around thecwhole time. Oda has been knee capping Luffy this entire time


Kitetsu Wanker
The giant robot is apologizing to Joyboy... :quest:
Means, he was around before void century when original Joyboy was around.
And he has a kind of a spear stuck inside of him. Original Joyboy has a spear in his silhouette.
Could that spear inside the giant robot be the spear of the original Joyboy?!
Is the giant robot also part of the betrayer squad alongside Zunisha? :sus:

Topman literally negs everyone under top tier with coc alone lol
Dorry and Broggy:
Are we a joke to you? :josad:

Dude, Oda'a creativity is amazing, man
Yeah, very creative at ripping off. :blobevil:

Are you sure you want to say that someone ain't a threat to Luffy? Good times ahead.:milaugh: