Chap 1111: Sun Shield

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I am starting to wonder what kind of godlike speed G5 Luffy has! While the venom was half way to him, he uprooted a tree, created a bat out of it, painted it and then put a helmet on. I wonder if there are any characters that can compete against him speed-wise at the moment if he decides to use that speed to attack instead of do silly things
Tbh I was under assumption that if old Vegapunk dies, his android Vegapunks might die as well because they're interconnected somehow (York could eat for all of them, Edison was writing down all the ideas, etc.), but apparently it's not like they're a hive, otherwise York wouldn't be able to pull her stunt off.

Still blowing up the lab gotta affect them somehow.

And I wonder if Vegapunk had a backup plan for his message to be delivered even if the Punk records are blown up (he was supposed to be smart, right? Didn't he foresee that his death would be most likely an effect of a buster call and island annihilation?)

Oh, and I wonder if Mother Flame is still relevant, lmao:kobeha:
If the lab blows up, I guess the satellites may still live since they probably have brains of their own that are just wifi linked to Vegapunk's brain. If that's the case, destroying Punk's brain may just make them only half as intelligent as they used to be, or they'll become complete dumbasses.

If he didn't have a backup, then I'll say he had a lot of brains but not a lot of commonsense as we keep seeing.

Mother Flame has gone out the relevance window. Also it looks like they don't even need York to make more.
Lucci v Zoro= Lucci couldn’t move with lasting damage; could be scarred for life. Zoro gets the confirmation W
Lucci v Luffy= Lucci thinks he will pass out, but walks it off like it nothing. Has an bandaid on his cheek after. Luffy gets exhausted after using his gears. No confirmation, could be seen as a draw.

Zoro outperforming Luffy against the same opponent +1 :goyea:

Another great chapter for Zoro