Chap 1111: Sun Shield

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I didn't think the difference between King and Lucci was that big.:myman::myman::kayneshrug:

Yeah, one is negged by a mid tier attack (unconfirmed ACoC) while the other takes a KOH attack and is unfazed. King even with Flames Off shits on everyones durability except Kaido.
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Oda putting little Xs over Vegapunk's eyes. Ouch....

I mean his brain is still alive so he isn't completely dead until Mars blows it up, but I wonder if his devil fruit is back in circulation now that his main body is out of the picture (if theory about DF curses being connected to the heart are true)? And if that's the case, would his brain shrink back to its original size or would it just stop growing but stay giant?
Great,finally Zoro can draw big wounds on his opponents. I hope Oda keeps this up,it is nice seeing them mauled. Hope for a bit of maiming as well,but I doubt it tbh.

Nasty nasty wounds on Lucci.

Jinbe my guy,does this guy not have anyhting? Now he can use his hand as a knife as well.

Popping eyes overdone and obnoxious,baseball bat and sticking the scars back were amusing,still not like Luffy's whole demeanour in G5.

Saturn went up in my eyes. The spitbombing was fire,if it wasn't against a toon force guy it would be devastating.

Mars up close is even more imposing. Best Gorosei design by far.