Chap 1111: Sun Shield

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I don't understand how the hell Vegapunk's DF and his satellites work tbh.

And I'm salty af that Sanji still drags his corpse around....

I wonder what's the deal with Kizaru and his eyes/sunglasses. Are they his weakness? Or is he like Cyclops from X-Men, shooting lasers from his eyes when he's not careful?
Vegapunks brain is currently Punk Records, his fruit allows him to store limitless information and his head grows to match it.

The satellites are artificial humans that have their own souls and brains that send and receive data through Punk records like a computer to the internet.

And it’s him not wanting people to see the pain in his eyes
Yeah, its freaking confusing. And the fact that Vegapunk wanted to leave the island always felt like a major red flag, since that would leave his brain vulnerable since we've seen that a few characters can bypass the lasers and that without the bottle factory on Egghead puffing out sky island clouds, the Labophase would come crashing down.

And carrying around a corpse just feels really uncomfortable and pointless now.

If Vegapunk's brain survives this somehow, which I doubt, Vegapunk will likely use Lilith, Edison or Atlas as temporary hosts whenever he wants to speak, but its going to be really risky when Saturn and marine scientists start hacking his brain and start learning everything the other Vegapunks are doing with the Straw Hat.
Tbh I was under assumption that if old Vegapunk dies, his android Vegapunks might die as well because they're interconnected somehow (York could eat for all of them, Edison was writing down all the ideas, etc.), but apparently it's not like they're a hive, otherwise York wouldn't be able to pull her stunt off.

Still blowing up the lab gotta affect them somehow.

And I wonder if Vegapunk had a backup plan for his message to be delivered even if the Punk records are blown up (he was supposed to be smart, right? Didn't he foresee that his death would be most likely an effect of a buster call and island annihilation?)

Oh, and I wonder if Mother Flame is still relevant, lmao:kobeha:
Yeah, it looks like Lucci is going after them even though he was badly injured, which is why Jinbei made that move.
I may not like Lucci, but people need to have some respect for that man's name. He is stubborn, he is a tank, and he is not nor will he ever be a fucking straw hat cheerleader, no matter how many times he is defeated.
Pretty much.