Chap 1111: Sun Shield

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No Stussy
No Robin
Where are my girls :josad:

Instead we get York, what an annoying character.

Lucci: gives all info to the evil Gorosei, asks not to hurt Kaku his partner
@Rambles: do you wanna bet on Lucci4nakama train? :ohreally:

But seriously, @Rambles, Lucci is loyal to WG, and clearly acting against the SHP, I don't see how you can still defend him....
I will explain later - there is something very interesting going on in the chapter. But first I need to write everything down.

There are more hint towards Lucci4nakama. :pepelit:
Zoro is a liability, the Vice Captain was right calling him that. Not finishing Lucci and Lucci giving all the info to Mars, including positions of the SH.
Yes, that is a problem.
Post automatically merged:

No, Gorosei didn't use ACoC till he performed at ACoC roar attack. Before than it was just normal haki.

Zoro is still a new conqueror. Neither the world nor the SH knows he's a conqueror. Characters has a reason to comment when he performs ACoC attacks.
No, they don't. That is not always a necessity.


Kitetsu Wanker
The leakers said Luffy looked funny due to Warcury's haki blast, meanwhile, I legit died when I saw how Jinbo grabbed Zori. :rolaugh:

In other news, this is what happens when you fight the mighty Sun God:
While this is what happens when you fight Santoryu Zoro:

@nik87 Oda can't stop hyping the goat even though he hasn't appeared in almost 60 chapters lol
People keep failing at power scaling the most when it comes to Zoro's opponents.
They failed hard at power scaling Mr1 and Kaku from pre-TS.
Just like they are failing hard at power scaling Pica and King in post-TS.
When I said, King will stay forever relevant in power scaling, I wasn't joking. :myman:
Some general notes on the chapter:
Color spread: Interesting that VP, Bonney, and Kuma are all included. Also, Kuma's color scheme here matches his original orange color scheme.
Pg 2: Confirmation that the Gorosei use haki. As an awakened Zoan, Lucci has incredible resilience. There's a sphere next to his head though. Is that just breath, or something else?
Pg 3: Idk if this is new or if I'm misreading, but Jinbe is using his technique to simultaneously attack and position himself farther back
Pg 4: The Gorosei have thoughtfully divided their tasks. Mars is going after York to stop the broadcast. Also, the Gorosei now know where the Seraphim are, which is worrying.
Pg 5: Lucci does have a shred of compassion for Kaku, but the Seraphim don't view CP0 as more than disposable pawns
Pg 6-7: It's taking really damn long for Ju Peter to regenerate. Elbaf has jungles apparently, though idk if this is a translation of forest. The goal is now to convene with the Giants.
Pg 8-9: Finally some panels with Warcury
Pg 10: Warcury's roar might be the strongest single wave of CoC seen thus far.
Pg 11: More Sun-based moves from Dorry and Brogy. Also, Warcury's tusks seem like they're similar to the Supa Supa no Mi.
Pg 12: Someone smarter can figure out what Split Skylda is a reference to
Pg 13: Dawg Saturn is so goofy spitting out venom
Pg 14: Insane page. Nice that Oda is really leaning in on the slapstick goofiness of Gear 5. Though how the bat works is a bit weird. Is Oda recognizing the "Mihawk paints his sword jokes?"
Pg 15: The atom bomb explosions from the venom are interesting. People should probably focus on this as a point of analysis. Ju Peter has also recovered to some degree, and the Gorosei have another form. Perhaps they have different stages beyond Human, Half-Beast, and full Beast. Maybe there's Human, Amorphous, Half-Beast, Full Beast, and something beyond even that... It'd make for a fitting number of 5 transformations
Pg 16: Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy are escaping now, but I doubt the Gorosei will let them run free this easily. I've got no idea what's going on with the Sunny in the background. Are they trying to push it off the clouds, or through them? There's also a figure that's really tough to identify, maybe it's human Chopper? We've also got 3 Vice Admirals to stop Bonney. Sanji might fight one of them if he gets there, but this is probably going to be a moment for Bonney to mimic Luffy's punches.
Pg 17: Kizaru doesn't want to partake in this anymore, likely because of what has happened to Kuma, Bonney, and Sentomaru. The Iron Giant has finally gotten up too, and it's even bigger than the Elbaf giants