Current Events Chapter 1077 Prediction

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Here is my prediction to how this chapter might go.

Chapter 1077: Conquerors Game
- Lucci and Kaku seperate from luffy and zoro and tag team against S Bear and S Hawk in their awakening forms

- Kizaru and Saturn arrive and meet Luffy & Zoro. There are thousands of marines with them including Vice Admirals.

- Sanji uses Ifrit Jambe against S Shark and breaks through lunarian defenses.

- Luffy & Zoro both use their conquerors Haki to take out the many marines. Only kizaru and saturn are standing.

- Saturn and Kizaru are shocked by luffys & zoros conquerors haki but they calm down really quick and get ready to fight

- Ussop gets angry and somehow unlocks a new form of armament haki, thats enhancing the projectiles in such way that they penetrate multiple walls including steel.

- Jinbei uses his Demon Brick Fist and Sanji use beouf burst against S Shark. The attacks were strong enough to let S Shark bleed.

- Zoro uses his KoH mode and Luffy Gear 5. Both are embedded with black advanced Conquerors lightning. They are about to charge an attack against Kizaru and Saturn.

How likely are these?