Chapter 1079 - The Emperor Red-Haired Pirates

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It is when what was done was done. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
Isnโ€™t this a fight between pirates? Since when does it have to be fair or honorable? Shanks defeated Kidd and killer, basically 99% of their attack power. Brogy and Dory just cleaned up the trash.

itโ€™s useless captain midโ€™s fault for not being able to defend his crew like shanks did with his fleet.

Daily reminder that hakimonsters are way above the others

By the way for the Mihawk haters keep the same energy soon this monster will uses advcoc, after that is over for you all clowns:suresure:
Mihawk isn't even the Zoro haters biggest problem right now. Zoro has 3 major end game parales. Ryuma, Rayleigh, and Mihawk.
Old man Ratleigh has been shown to have the same Acoc lightning around his body that Shanks does.

Shanks getting intel on Kidd was nice touch lol. Deffo most sensible member of the Yonko. Kidd wouldnโ€™t have anticipated Shanks attacking. But even if he did see it coming I donโ€™t think he had a chance. This makes BM look bad. I think Kaido would have one shot Kidd as well if it was Kaido vs Kidd pirates. Why didnโ€™t BM use Ad. CoC in her fight vs Law and Kidd. Itโ€™s so jarring.
Seems like Shanks is leaving Elbaf and going for Blackbeard. Maybe heโ€™ll come to Egghead as well who knows. BB ship at Egghead is interesting development.

This kind of validates Lucciโ€™s points. No one respects Luffy and SHs as true Yonko crew. Lucci doesnโ€™t, York is clowning them, GreenBull doesnโ€™t, BB doesnโ€™t and even Kidd and Law doesnโ€™t. Hopefully this egghead incident solidifies them as true Yonko crew but this gonna be hard. They are up against seven competant Warlords who are totally against SHs, an admiral, a Gorosei and 100 marine ships(strength maybe comparable to total number of marine soldiers at Marineford). Maybe they need some help. SH grand fleet, Shanks and BB coming here would make this a four way war and a fair fight
Given the on-screen display of current Blackbeard and Shanks, how do we suppose BB will "kill" Red Hair? Is that still a theory the fanbase thinks will come to fruition? BB is no chump but I don't see him or anyone being able to stop that Divine Departure...