Chapter 1079 - The Emperor Red-Haired Pirates

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Shanks one shot both kidd and killed at the same time


Law fans are in shambles because they fear it might happen to them as well :suresure:

Gotta say - this is the most brutal way to eliminate someone from battle royale.

Plays role in defeating BM, gets 3 Billion bounty and the very next move - gets one shot :milaugh:

And, BM fans can't catch a break - BM got clowned once again lol
I'm going to enjoy Low downfall more


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
This is the single best thing oda pulled in ages

We have seen countless times - fake tensions, not delivering on plots

But this time Oda nailed it.

He said it will be battle royale.

And, he showed us what he meant by it.

All I hope now is Oda show us BB destroying law as well and not keep BB powers in shadow
RIP Kidd Killer, 2/5 of the Rooftop 5

Sadly, Oda just can't help but make Shanks look good everytime he appears on panel.

Kidd and Killer had to be the sacrifice.

Next is Law.