Chapter 1086 - The Five Elder Stars (OPSCANS has been hacked- alternative available)

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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Goated chapter

Reverie flashback was well executed by oda - infact everything since wano ended is on track.

It seems VP created an ancient weapon on the lines of Uranus. But why he did it and gave it to WG? Maybe he left some technical glitches in it that can be used to counter it.

And, NGL, Shanks father Saint Garling looks badass and top tier class.

His position seems to be next to Gorosei and him being former King of God Valley - place where Xebec captured CDs is another connection between Shanks and Blackbeard

Xebec - Garling
Blackbeard (links with Xebec) scar shanks (links with Garling)


Warchief Sanji D Goat

World's Greatest Lewdist!
From FV:

Mihawk vs Nasujoro:

"I see you wield one of the lost supreme blades, the first of the kitetsu"

"I see you had a 60K square foot castle that you were living in and paid absolutely no property tax on it for the past 15 years. You also had tenants by the name of Roronoa zoro and Perona who you basically aided and abetted since they were criminals"

Mihawk's reaction to that information: