Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1064 "Egghead's Research Stratum"

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nice chapter honestly. highlights of the chapter is that queen bonney speech in defense of her father and people of different races :catblush:

and ofc vegapunk and dragon connection, this sure led to many question though. Honestly idc about the fights of this chapter, seems like out of space and not really fit into the flow of the chapter wtf Oda seems like purely fanservice fight :/
Fuck it, I'm starting to warm up to Sanji vs Kuzan...

I want to at least see them clash, now.
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Usopp gets the Smell Smell Fruit, and gains a super-powerful sense of smell that lets him track his enemies from miles away, and track enemies with perfect accuracy.
Sanji fights the second strongest admiral
Zoro fights someone on par with Akainu

Luffy leaves this fight on pirate king level
Zoro and Sanji leave their fights emperor level
Sure but there is no way you are serious when you said Law parallel BB as much as Luffy

Side character like law ain't beating final pirate villain BB

This is even worse when you factor in that BB crew is not even fully there or in action -!like shiryu, lafitte, Pizarro
Are you forgetting that Law is a D all D 's have major importance to the plot so Law isnt just some SIDE character.
it would be pretty funny if burgess vs ussop happens (basically david vs goliath)
Knowing Oda, Burgess is going to end up the victim of Kuzan's betrayal (either after his versus and defeat, or getting no versus at all, or actually winning yet Kuzan saving the day, Page One style). He was the first to distrust him and makes for some nice rhetorics for him to be frozen and his monstrous strength to be useless against the fragility of ice.

(Also, first burned by Sabo, then frozen by Kuzan; the man wouldn't catch a breath).
Robin's outfit has "400" on it. Punk Records has "= 68". 400 - 332 = 68.

Chapter 332 is yet another chapter number clue leading us back to the mole with the Japanese sun. This isn't the first time Oda has redirected us here using number clues. This time I think Oda is giving us a clue that the Straw Hats are going to split up again. The hole the mole is digging is supposed to connect 2 places in the cover story series, however this cover has 10 holes. I think these 10 holes are a hint that the Straw Hats are going to go to different islands by themselves soon. All this foreshadowing needs to make sense, and this leads us to Zoro slaying a dragon over the Wano Capital. Assuming the dragon is Kaidou, this may mean we'll see a combined version of Kaidou and Big Mom in some dragon form. Zoro tanking Hakai may have been foreshadowing for Zoro facing this monstrosity by himself. This means Luffy would need to not be present when Kaidou and Big Mom return. When the Straw Hats separate I think Zoro would go to Wano by himself. I think each Straw Hat will also go to key islands they visited along the way. Nami will go to Skypiea, Usopp will go to Elbaf, Sanji will go to Whole Cake/Germa Kingdom, Chopper will go to the Minks, Robin will go to the Revolutionaries, Franky to Water 7, Brook I don't know and Luffy/Jinbe might go to Fishman Island. All this would have to happen at the end of the story. I've also had this theory that Luffy would make Vander Decken throw Noah towards a kidnapped Shirahoshi. I think the purpose of them separating is to all meetup at the same location. Zoro would bring Pluton to this location, Nami would move Skypiea using Zeus. Sanji would bring the Germa army, Usopp with the Giant Pirates, Chopper rolls up with Zou and the Minks, Robin brings the Revolution, Franky brings Iceberg's ship island, and Jinbe/Brook I don't know.

I also have this theory of Dragon, Kuma, Shanks, Mihawk, and now even Shaka and his assistants being a part of this conspiracy theory. I think Luffy's crew was designed and planned by this group. Caesar would essentially be the Buggy of this group. Don't you find it weird how Queen was attacking even his allies? Is Judge really a bad father or was he manipulating Sanji to become Luffy's cook? I actually think Zoro is Shaka's first clone. Zoro is actually a clone with Roger, Kuma, Kaidou and Ryuma's genes. I think when Bonney first met Zoro, her calling him brother and pretending he died has a deeper meaning. Through cloning Zoro would be Bonney's brother. Why does Zoro look like Ryuma? Because Zoro has Ryuma's genes. Why does Zoro represent Ace in the duality of Zoro and Sanji to Ace and Sabo? Because Zoro has Roger's genes. Shanks didn't just lose his arm, he used this to manipulate Luffy the son of Dragon and Garp to become the Pirate King. Mihawk randomly showing up at Baratie was planned, he even met up with Shanks after. I think Dragon knew the Orange Admiral, and Nami was the daughter of them. Who transported Zoro and Nami to East Blue? Dragon. Who put Sanji in East Blue? Judge. Who put Usopp in East Blue? Shanks through Yasopp. I also think there are more conspirators who planned the other crew's joining process. Possible conspirators are Hiriluk, Kureha, Kuzan/Aokiji, Jaguar D. Saul, Tom, Franky's parents, whoever gave Brook his fruit, Fisher Tiger and Toki.

At the end of the day Kuma, Shanks, Mihawk, Dragon and these other conspirators have played huge roles in bringing the Straw Hats together and separating them. This has always been their goal. ZKK is going to happen. Toki was most likely the mockingbird of this organisation which originated from the Void Century. ZKK, is just one of their main goals. Nika didn't need any cloning to achieve, Zoro was created for a purpose.