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In order to play this game, you will need something, or rather somebody, to play it with. This will be your character. It will represent YOU in the fantasy world of this game. When you create your character, you will be given a set level(base starting level 20), and their level decides how many stats they are allowed.

The way the character looks. This part of the character profile is generally easy and fun! If you’re having trouble, try to look up your character’s species, race, etc. if it exists in reality. You can use a photograph to get yourself started. Alternatively, you can try searching for the artwork of your creature.

Aspects of Appearance
  • Verbalization and Body Language: How they speak and what kind of body language they use. Verbalization may help others imagine your character’s voice, while body language may emphasize the personality. Make sure your body language and personality match a confident person generally wouldn’t cringe, while a timid person would not stand legs splayed, hands-on-hips in the face of a threat.

The way the character interacts with others. Their thought processes, essentially, and how those thought processes affect their interaction. The personality is arguably the most important and most difficult part of a character to create. You have to create something that is not only believable but playable (for you).

Aspects of Personality
  • Self-Perception: Their self-esteem, perspective on themselves, and how much impact that has on their interactions with other characters. This is an important aspect of character development that is sometimes neglected. If a character is snarky, this section seeks to explain what (if any) internal motivations cause this trait to arise.
  • Presentation and Interaction: How the character presents him or herself to others is important. Their “presentation” describes how they try to act toward others. Some characters may revel in being a jerk; others would never dream of offending a fly. Thinking about how your character presents themselves to others is a good way to get a head start on personality.

The character’s past and history, from birth to the present day. You don’t need to detail every single second, of course! It may help you to write a list format of your history. Flesh it out with further detail, if you wish, or simply leave it in a list format (they are easy to digest, after all).

Aspects of History
  • Family: Think about the relationships between your character and family members. It’s super easy to write something like, “Twelve years ago my parents were attacked by a group of pirates, to this day I hated myself for not having enough strength to protect them.” This character, naturally an only child, survives completely on his own and his history makes no reference to any other people or influences or friends or anything. Good or bad, relationships with others are an important part of writing a character history.
  • Historical Shaping: Think about how history has shaped the personality. This is to make sure your personality and history match. You don’t want a baddie with unexplained random violence (if you already took care of that in the personality, good!).

Biography Templet
Basic Information
Epithet (Optional):




Players are not entitled to create their bio according to this template, this is here to give everyone a basic idea of how a biography should look like.
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