Charlotte Shisui

Name: Shisui Charlotte
Epithet (Optional): Family Killer Shisui
Affiliation: Charlotte family (former), Sun Pirates
Occupation: None, Takes up random jobs while sailing the Grand Line
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 9'7 (is still growing due to being part shark mer)
Species: 3/4 Merfolk 1/4 Human
Appearance: A tall, slim, and muscular teenager with tan skin. Has the same droopy eyes, freckles, and sharp, pointed teeth as his mother. Unlike his parents, he did not get a tail, though he does have neck gills and webbed fingers. He has shaggy, black hair with blonde streaks and usually wears loss black shorts when swimming or baggy black sweats on land and sometimes a white t-shirt.

Personality: A generally kind, carefree, playful, and compassionate young man, he is very loyal to those he gets along with and kind of simple minded. He can be possessive over those he considers 'his' (friends, recognized family, allies) and does not like seeing people hurt for no or malicious reasons. Refuses to kill due to an incident about a year ago.

Background: The son of Charlotte Praline and Aladine. Spent most of his childhood around the Sun pirates and was taught Fish-man Karate and Jujutsu along with Observation and Armament haki by Jinbe and his father, as well as how to use a trident. After witnessing a fight between some invading pirates and some Tottoland soldiers when he was 10, he decided he would also learn how to use more swords and polearms, like ōdachi, shirasaya, bo, naginata, nagamaki, and ninjatō. A few months after he turned 15, he found out one of his family members was doing something cruel and despicable to citizens and confronted them about it which resulted in said family member attacking him and a fight that lasted the entire day before Shisui won. That family member ended up dying forcing Shisui to flee from Tottoland to escape Big Mom and her crew.

Statistics: I'll add them later when I understand how stats work, I don't play dnd