Chapter Discussion Chopper armament haki?!

In the latest chapter, theres a weird shading on Chopper's arms. Could it be busou?

Really strange since with Chopper its not a given, and should be explicited, like Usopp's CoO; besides, it was activated when he wasnt even attacking QUeen or whatever.

What you guys think?

As much as I want Chopper to get CoA I’m incredibly skeptical that this is it. I don’t believe Oda will have any SH develop Haki without making a big deal of it. Look at Ussop & even Coby. When he wants to give them Haki I’m sure we’ll know.
I think so too. He didn't do that to Jimbe, but its a given an ex-schichibukai and strong experient pirate has it.
I think its just a shading/drawing effect!If chopper had Coa,Oda would state so in grand fashion!As for Peros arrows,monster point chopper just has a tough hide!Chopper making Queen Bleed was just the YC2 fucking around with chopper!If Oda actually give an opponent that can be beaten by chopper and has Coa,he could unlock it maybe!
Chopper's future PU will be awakening and formulating a rumble ball formula that gives him crazy powerfull transformations!EOS chopper should be a brute strength juggernaut!If i'm not wrong,Jack who is YC3 1Billion berry bounty monster doesn't have any haki,said by Oda in a sbs!