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Hosted by Aries and Deadpool​

-Post Requirement-Atleast 2-3 posts per phase
-No editing posts
-A cycle consists of a day and a night phase
-No kill shots or investigation abilities can be activated in the 1st 24 hours
-Have fun~


Dayphases-At the start of the game phases will be 34 hours long. This will drop down to 24 hours once only half the players remain
Twilight Phases-Once the 34/24 hours pass votes will locked and the phase will enter the Twilight phases. These will vary from 1-2 hours depending if players want to activate any abilities or the hosts still counting votes
Nightphase-Nightphases will be 20-22 hours long. No reaction posts

DO NOT POST, Just want to get a heads start and have the mechanics posted and things threadmarked before the game starts in the upcoming days/my internet messes up
Player list
Player List (9/31)
1: TheAncientCenturian-Carnage/Venom Symbiote

6: Hime
9: Worst
12: Flowa

18: Midnight Delight

22: Lord Melkor

27: Reborn

29: Yo Tan Wa
30: Joygirl

Dead (22/31)
3: Arondight-Cyclops
8: Doctor Indigo-Doctor Octopus
10: Bakidou-Pyro

25: Ratchet-???
4: Peroroncino-Mystique
11: Fujishiro- Amazing Spider Man
24: Phoenix D. King-Daredevil
21: Tobi-Nightcrawler
19: Soulkiller-Charles Xavier

13: Zolo-QuickSilver
23: Ekkologix-Morbius/Thing/Reaper/Vampire
28: Queen Emilia-Ghost Rider

17: Light D. Lamperouge
26: T-Pein-Sabretooth
31: Michelle-???
5: Charlie-Electro/Reaper/KingPin
7: Blue-Mephistophiles
2: Nana-Bully Maguire
14: RippedCal-Magneto
15: Ultra-Deacon Frost
16: MUUGEN-Nick Fury

20: Alwaysmind-The Lizard
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Deadpool's 4th Wall Breaking Game Show

You didn't think just because I'm now part of the MCU I would miss out on a game on Marvel films? I'll be your sexy co host with the cute butt. I'll be testing your Marvel knowledge with my 4th wall breaking Trivia Show. I will be appearing twice during the day and once during the night phase. To become a participant the first 4 that tag my co host will enter my prestigious game show.

Once eligible you must wait until another trivia show ends to become eligible again. Winning one of my trivia games will grant you a Mutant Assist one shot ability prize from one of the following timelines (Past, Present, Future). A game within a game aka lazy writing to insert more roles in this game.
Mutant Assist Prizes (Past Timeline)


1: Jason Stryker(Illusions) Confuse a player for a cycle

2: Sebastian Shaw (Absorption) Absorb the first ability that targets you in the game as a one shot

3: Riptide (Whirlwind) Redirect an incoming action to another player

4: Azazel (Teleport) Pick any player and hide behind them for a phase. All actions that target you target them instead

5: Angel (Acidic Saliva) Janitor one of your actions

6: Leech (Turn Off) Abilities and votes have no effect on you for the day phase (this cannot be copied)

7: Gambit (Explosive Cards) Pick 3 numbers. Player who lands on that number post has one of their abilities burned

8: Viper (Toxin Immunity) Become immune to frozen, paralyze and burn status ailments for the cycle


9: Yukio (Precognitive sense) Protect yourself from regular kill shot for 3 phases

10: Quill (Body Spikes) Become lynch proof for the dayphase

11: Arclight (Shockwave) If one your abilities fails on a player, Paralyze them for the cycle

12: Calisto (Mutant Sense) See the mutant assist that have been acquired in the cycle and challenge one of them in r/p/s for their mutant assist

13: Blob (Gluttony) Absorb one failed Mutant assist ability

14: Bolt (Technopath) Amp one ability during the dayphase

15: Lady Death strike (Adamantium Battle) Challenge a player to best of 3 r/p/s. If you win use a kill shot on them

16: Silverfox (Hypnosis) Redirect a players next 2 actions onto another player
Mutant Assist Prizes (Present Timeline)


1: Havok (Energy Absorption) Absorb an incoming status ailment ability

2: Jubilee (Energy Burst) Target any player and inflict them with a random status ailment for the cycle

3: Dazzler (Light Generation) Reveal one ??? day phase action

4: Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Explosion) If you are killed or lynched kill the player that killed or lynched you

5: Yukio (Electric Chain) Amp one of your abilities to also Paralyze for a cycle the player you have targeted with your abilities. This bypasses immunity or protection

6: Domino (Good Luck) All your abilities will hit their target bypassing immunity for one phase. (Works once in the game)

7: Bedlam (Brain Stimulation) Target any player and allow them to reuse one of their abilities

8: Shatter star (Sonic Waves) Amp one of your abilities to also be able to cut half the abilities of the player you target for the cycle


9: Zetergeist (Acid Spit) Pick 3 players and burn 1 random ability for one cycle

10: The Vanisher (Invisible) Make your vote invisible for the dayphase

11: Peter W (Human) Challenge any "Vampire" to r/p/s if you win permanently transform them back into human for rest of the game

12: Ajax (No Pain) Regain a one shot ability,( this has no effect on omega kill one shots)

13: Angel Dust(Battle with Colossus) Challenge anyone to r/p/s if you win role block them for the cycle. This bypasses protection or immunity

14: Ptomy Wallace (Telepathic Absorption) Gain the first investigation result in the cycle

15: Admiral Fukyama (The Vermilion) Watch a player and see who they targeted during the dayphase

16: The Shadow King (Nightmare) Obtain a one shot ability during the night phase
Mutant Assist Prizes (Future Timeline)


1: Bishop (Energy Absorption) See 3 incoming actions. Absorb one, destroy one and let one pass

2: Blink (Portal) Protect a player from a lynch or lynch redirect

3: Riktor (Seismic Wave) Vote block 3 players

4: Warpath (Enhanced Hearing) Steal an investigation result. If town from Mafia, if Mafia from town, if indie who ever activates it first

5: Sunspot (Body Flames) Burn anyone that targets you in the cycle the following cycle

6: Shadow Cat (Past Phasing) Negate a write up (this cannot be copied or reused)

7: Future Ice Man (Ice Wall) Protect 2 players from actions for one phase

8: Sentinel (Mutant Assimilation) Challenge a player to R/p/s if you win steal one of their abilities as your own


9: Caliban (Tracker) Target any player and see who they targeted during the night phase

10: X24 (Adamantium Claws) Target any player with a super kill

11: Mirage (Illusions) Target 2 players and Busdrive their actions onto one another for the phase

12: Wolfsbane (WereWolf) Amp one of your abilities during the night phase

13: Magik (Limbo) Revive a player for one cycle (This ability cannot be copied)

14: Cannonball (Cannonball Shot) Remove yourself from the game for one cycle. You cannot be killed, lynched or omega killed but you cannot vote or enter to obtain a mutant assist (this cannot be copied or reused)

15: Sunspot (Solar energy) Reveal one day write up in the current cycle

16: Celia Reyes (Biodome) Protect yourself and another player from actions for one phase
Stan Lee Cameos

Stan the man will make a cameo appearance every dayphase. Can you find Stan Lee before the other true believers? Stan Lee will be randomly inserted in one of Marvels Films Location, the first to correctly guess the location will obtain a Stan Lee one shot ability.

The following is what a Stan Lee one shot ability can used for

-Healed from a status ailment inflicted on you
-Restore a one shot ability
-Challenge for a Mutant assist ability
-Gain a random one shot ability
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