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Vote count


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Unofficial vote count.
TAC - Worst > Midnight
Ekkologix – Light > Joygirl > Yo Tan Wa > Light > Yo Tan Wa > Pot Goblin > yo tan wa > Michelle
Michelle - Tobi > Yo Tan Wa > unvote > Joygirl
Fujishiro - Yo Tan Wa > Unvote > SoulKiller > TAC
Flowa - Yo Tan Wa > unvote > MUUGEN > Charlie > Bakidou
SoulKiller - Blue > Ekko > Michelle
Nana – Ekkologix > Unvote > SoulKiller > Light
Lord Melkor – Ekkologix> Midnight > unvote > SoulKiller > Bakidou
Joygirl – Midnight > unvote > BakiDou > SoulKiller > BakiDou
Ripped Cal - Midnight > unvote > SoulKiller
T-Pein – Light > Midnight > unvote> Joygirl > Blue > Unvote > Yo Tan Wa
Worst - Ekko
Ratchet – Lord Melkor > unvote > Bakidou
Pot Goblin – Midnight > unvote > Yo Tan Wa > unvote > BakiDou
Charlie – Midnight > unvote > Bakidou
AlwaysMind - Fujishiro
Midnight - MUUGEN
Hime - Soul Killer > unvote
Yo Tan Wa – Ekkologix > Light > unvote
Arondight – Midnight > unvote
Peroroncino – Midnight > Unvote > Ekko > unvote
Wakanda - Midnight > unvote
Tobi – Midnight > unvote
Light – Midnight > unvote
MUUGEN - Yo Tan Wa > unvote

Bakidou - 6 (Flowa, Melkor, JoyGirl, Ratchet, Pot, Charlie)
If you mean the red colored townies I was demonstrating my point to SK about how its our right to question it if its not blue. Why are you calling me intentionally making it look like a slip, a slip?

Its funny how you misunderstood me twice in that post of yours. First saying I claimed Im uncle ben and then this.
Oh god do i have to spell it out again I clearly quoted the carnage action which was the same exact color that you posted just prior then you were the only person who acknowledged and reacted to it..

doesn’t matter you’re just playing dumb here now no wonder why SK was annoyed with you.
@MUUGEN What´s confusing you? TAC was one of the candidates Fuji suggested, so I looked through TAC´s posts (or "ISO´d" him if that´s what you call it?) and I really didn´t see him making anything helpful so far. Not even giving us his own suspicions.
Your wording through me off sk I didn’t understand what you were trying to say.
They were doing their best impressions of Flowa

A Wild Stan Lee has appeared. Can you guess where he is located? You only get one guess. First come first serve

1: In Aunt Mays House
2: New York Pizza Shop
3: Castle Doom
4: White House
5: Baxter Building
6: Space Ship
7: Weapon X Facility
We’ll guess it was already won was going to guess 3 ha
I know Ratchets character. Im just saying he should have ways to protect himself. Not saying its the only thing he can do so idk why you reacted the way you did tbh mister.
Oh so you know character-character? I'm pretty sure I know role scheme. I don't think I had protections as this type of role. Gotta check it.
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