What will be in Carrot's arsenal when she fights again?

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Carrot will join the strawhat pirates?

As of my last update in September 2021, there hasn't been any indication in the One Piece manga or anime that Carrot will join the Straw Hat Pirates. However, the series is ongoing, and new developments could occur beyond my last update. To find out the latest information, I would recommend checking the most recent chapters of the manga or episodes of the anime.
Did you actually read all that?


I wish I could find some way to vie for her as Nakama. To people who think my theories are agenda based, there is no character I want to join the crew more than Stussy besides Vivi, who already has an invite in. I've racked my brains and just can't justify Stussy joining the crew.

The only reason I don't want Stussy to join the Straw Hats is to see Oda nerf her the way he did Robin, but, fuck it, Robin's nerf was worth her joining and Stussy's would be, too.

That's fine, though. Stussy will help bring about the Dawn by teaching Carrot Rabbit Rokushiki, wheeeeeeeeeeee.
we must have faith that the clone lore is important to the 'true history of the world' that vegapunk will tell