Future Events Could a second timeskip be the answer ?

Another timeskip ?

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There have been a lot of complaints and questions from fans regarding the SHs’ progression :

- it’s too soon
- they’re too weak
- they’ll need a plot armor made of Kairoseki to win
- they can’t get such a massive power up a la Fairy Tail or One Piece will become officially trash
- how can Luffy reach and surpass Yonko level ?
- how can Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe match Yonko Commanders or even Admirals ?
- how can Usopp become as strong as his father ?
- how can Nami, Chopper, Brook and Franky reach Veteran level ?
- how could Buggy not become the Pirate King ?
- why is Marco so awesome ?

So maybe the solution is a second timeskip that would be shorter than the first one. They could train for, say, 6 months under the tutelage of Shanks’ crew, for example. Not that I believe it will actually happen, I’m more interested in people’s opinion about the idea itself. Do you think it’d be a good thing ?
I would say a few members among the straw hats have been underwhelming strenght wise.

But luffy is definitely catching up with the big fish. Plot put aside of course.

I don't think zoro, sanji and jimbei are that far either. They are in YC range and have this arc and at least another to grow stronger.

Oda gave Nami Zeus, that's a big power up. He'll probably come up with some ideas for the others during the raid.

So no I don't think another time skip is needed. Luffy also has 7 captains under him, they'll be of use in the last big war. And they should also be a lot stronger than last time we've seen them.

That should do it.
Another time skip makes no sense under many lights.

Zoro has yet to have a serious fight, he has shown nothing that has learned in his 2y training bar ISDS and that can be said even for other SHs. The gears of the world have been stopped for 2 years and that already makes almost no sense, now Oda would have to freeze everything again (but also everything is also in clear motion) for another 2y or what and that would make even less sense.

Also the improvement they get is just normal, in the pre time skip in the span of a few months at best Luffy become the flag of the next pirate gen with 2 shikis under his belt and other tough guys starting from a rookie position. Now he is just doing the same improving with new techs.

Then the SH come backfrom the time skip dozens if not an hundred times stringer than their pre skip versions. Do they really need that kind of power vs yonkos or the likes? Luffy, Z and S are already there and to be honest they had already done most of the work by the start of the time skip.

We can also count the symbology, the manga was split in 2 halves with the time skip amd chapter 600 milestone, now making a time skip would change that (maybe chapter 900 was the chance for some relevant change but Oda tossed it away like trash).


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Don't think so

Luffy and Zoro are meant to defeat Kaido, perhaps with more additional help

Luffy will then be experienced enough to try to take on BM alone

A thing will be the thread to the next one and another TS would be too overpowered it seems

I could od thought about this a few years ago when Doflamingo still looked invincible for Post TS SHs

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More and more, I think it’s necessary. Luffy is the only one who’s truly, unassailably proven he can hold his own against YCs, and if we don’t see it from Zoro/Sanji/Jinbe in this arc, it’ll be all but inevitable.

Most of the crew is under the age of 21, they have multiple members who were still cowering in the face of Beast Pirates fodder as they approached Onigashima, and they’re still unorganized/too wacky to pull it together and get serious. Luffy can’t carry them all on his back to Laugh Tale, even if that’s what we keep seeing in this arc.

I fantasize about the crew staying on Wano for a few months or something after Kaido and Linlin are dealt with, honing their current skills and maybe mastering some new ones together this time, before setting out and towards the climax of the series. Still fits the 20 year established deadline for the dawn of the world, gives Oda the chance to show a little more love to the neglected nakama, and puts them in a far more reasonable position to become the crew of the Pirate King. Would also piss off a lot of motherfuckers around here, but what about the canon DOESN’T??


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I don't think so.

It's a shonen in the end.

As much as I don't like the idea of Luffy and co becoming this strong way younger than Roger, WB was. We must accept it.
I think a 2nd (small) timeskip would have made sense before Wano in order to justify the necessary powerjumps for what the Strawhats need to achieve in this arc. But that opportunity has passed. Within Wano a timeskip cannot be incorporated reasonably anymore and afterwards it will probably have lost its necessity. Without claiming to be Oda, everything points to Wano beeing the arc where the big powerups will happen, similiar to EL. A timeskip on top of that would be weird and not satisfying.
Buggy on the moon would be great but not a second timeskip.
The first one did almost nothing to the rest of the crew bar (Luffy, Zoro, and to a lesser extent Sanji) and it was 2 years, I fail to see how 6months would do the trick... maybe if they have a 10 years ts but too lame imo
a 2-5 months time skip is appreciated this is the hardest battle they will fight yet a
nd the entire crew would be badly injured they will need a month to recover and another 2 or 3 months to train a bit but i will be fine either way
I think Oda could do something a little different, and after Wano, cut to an Arc about the Marines, WG, Revolutionaries, or focus on other Supernovas. And have a timeskip that way.
Have the Strawhats sail around and have a few "off screen" adventure, either by the Cover Page Story, or have the Newspapers talk about them. But focus on the others for an arc or two. For about year in World Time.