Powers & Abilities Could Cavendish and Bege get conqueror’s haki?

We are entering a point in the story where merely having CoC doesn’t matter all that much. If you can’t use coating, it’s basically useless.

So I see no reason why weaker characters couldn’t get CoC. It doesn’t make much sense for Luffy, Kid, and Zoro to be the only conquerors in the worst gen, imo.

in the yamato x Ace flashback, when Yamato asked Ace about up and coming pirates, he mentioned 4 characters in addition to Luffy:
  • Cavendish
  • Kid
  • Law
  • Bege
The fact Oda chose to include 4 rookies, kinda makes me wonder if this is perhaps foreshadowing for future Yonko. Either EoS or probably in an epilogue.

Regardless, most emperors have CoC, so it would make a lot of sense if Bege and Cavendish showed it, the next time we see them. Bege is a mafia boss, while Cavendish has an entire nation of women fawning over him. Imo they are both good candidates for it.
Bege is 42 and has show no sign of CoC so far, he's not getting it and he isn't strong enough to become a Yonko.
Besides at one point there would be no Yonko anymore.
Their names were brought up by Ace because they started around the same time, that's it.
In my view, Cavendish and Sai will fight the Admiral candidates, Momusagi and Chaton, when Luffy comes for Akainu. So those two could get it.


The Rogue Prince
It doesn’t make much sense for Luffy, Kid, and Zoro to be the only conquerors in the worst gen, imo.
It makes a ton of sense.

Just because basic CoC is irrelevant in battles so far, doesn't mean it should be given out like candy. It's a sign of Top Tier potential and it makes even less sense if every motherfucker who's even remotely worth a damn has it.

Scrubs like Bege should first learn basic Haki, he's the only SN w/o it.
They were already relevant in their respective arc appearances but didn't show it, I think they were just relevant but not as stand out as Kid and Law. Wano was all about showcasing the top Supernova's and new gen's ability to overcome compared to their peers. I expect Bege and Cavendish to be important in their own ways but I don't expect Conqueror's haki.