Speculations Could Luffy's dream be about peace between pirates and marines?

This would kinda fit he dreamed of it as a kid because one of the main conflicts of his early life was him wanting to be a pirate and Garp the opposite.

There is also all this build-up with Koby that could fit this narrative in the upcoming arcs.
Roger had some sort of hate/love relationship with Garp so that might also match his own dream.

There are also lots of word plays in the series : Raftel -> Laugh Tale, One Piece -> One Peace (the one to bring peace ?).
We know the government wants to have Joyboy on their side. Joyboy power is supposed to be able to rally people. The government would be better off Pirates/Marines making peace.

It's also a thing only a Pirate Kind could do instead of a noname pirate as a single voice.
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