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Wasn’t it implicated that the only limit of Luffys fruit is his imagination?
would explain why he regrows teeth from drinking milk.
Or why only a few injuries become scars, or why he learns haki so fast… because he thinks (and imagined) that these things work that way.
Don't see Luffy imagining himself as lightning therefore turning into lightning. Or inagining his wounds healing therefore he heals.


Heavy Metal
Don't see Luffy imagining himself as lightning therefore turning into lightning. Or inagining his wounds healing therefore he heals.
He thought he could grab the thunder, since he is of gum. Keep in mind he things like a child most times. In his mind, it could make sense.
That’s also why the scar about ace stays, since it still hurts him (emotionally), while the huge ass wound of Katakuri is just gone.
Hito hito no mi model: Kratos

A mythical Zoan that allows the user to become the Greek personification of strength, Kratos(not to be confused with the god of war character).

The basic power of this DF is that it gives you a transformation similar to that of He-Man. However, with more mastery

The hidden power of this fruit is that it not only boosts the user’s physical strength, but also their strength of will. Therefore, by awakening it, they can massively boost their haki.

Awakening not only boosts the user’s strength but also the strength of those around them, so long as the user chooses.
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This is basically the Nika fruit tho
Collide-Collide Fruit
-The power is about the user reaching out his/her invisible and sticky psychic hand and grab anything (probably not allowed to grab whatever) in the universe and pull it toward the user's body at maximum speed, and at the same time the user body flies at maximum speed toward the thing or any creature. The end result of the collision is that the user's body is still intact while the thing or creature disintegrates.
-Some creatures lay outside of time so the pulling speed is infinite. The user's body is like a folded up piece of the fabric of existence, and it lays outside of time so its speed is infinite. The body is like that in order to not let anything pass through it. The energy of some collisions can be way beyond infinite. The psychic hand can grab and change the direction of anything or creature means that the grabbing force is way beyond infinite. If the Oil-Oil guy gets grabbed by the hand, the Oil-Oil guy can be crushed to death by the hand alone.
-The toughness of the user's body is way beyond infinite. The body has the magical ability to disintegrate various things that touches the user's body.
-The user can see anything in the universe, but not many at the same time like some invisible guy can.
-The sticky psychic hand can cover the entire user's body, and thus can stop some sneak attacks. The user's body alone can nullify all attacks since it can touch anything and still be intact.
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Vibranum-Vibranum Fruit
-The user has the ability to shapeshift into anything or anyone's body in the universe, in the form of tiny vibrating and cutting blades and tiny pulling and sticking glue particles, like protons and electrons of any material.
-The gluing particles can glue to things, and the gluing strength is as strong as anything in the universe. The cutting particles can break free of the glue means the cutting particles are tougher and stronger than anything in the universe and can cut through anything in the universe.
-The skin of the user's body can block anything in the universe. The skin is part of blade of the cutting particle.
-The user's body is outside of time so the vibrating speed is infinite. The vibrations can be translated into uniform body movement to allow the user to fly at speed infinite.
-Anti-magic and freeze field can neutralize the stickiness of the glue, but cannot neutralize the vibration of the blades because the anti-magic and freeze field cannot pass through the skin.
-The user can be anything, which means he/she can see anything.
-The user can be intangible to anything, and can pass through the defenses of opponents and can destroy the opponents from the inside.
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Paper paper no mi
I can control paper how ever i want
According to google:
51 folds takes you to the Sun. 81 folds and your paper will be 127,786 light-years, almost as thick as the Andromeda Galaxy, estimated at 141,000 light-years across. Finally, at 103 folds, you will get outside of the observable Universe, which is estimated at 93 billion light-years in diameters.
God Electricity-God Electricity Fruit
It's probably Thor's power.
-The power is about having a body made of God electrons and God protons, and about doing things God electricity can do. It is similar to the ability to shapeshift into anything in the universe, in the forms of God electrons and God protons. Those electrons and protons may not exist in nature, but with magic they do exist.
-When those God protons and God electrons are stationary they can be beyond infinitely tough or be intangible to everything. When they move around like in an electric circuit, they can move through solid matters, and have way beyond infinite strength.
-The user can have a body that is super tough and blocks everything or be intangible and invisible to everything. If the user encounter someone with a similar body like this, the user wins because he/she can grind that one to pieces, by running the electrons and protons around in a circle.
-The user can move inside the fabric of existence at speed infinite.
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Nuclear nuclear fruit
- Nuclear > Gladius rupture > Mr 5 bomb
- By FAR the strongest of the four fundamental forces i.e. Nuclear > Kidds electro magnetism > Fujitoras gravity
- Would love Buggys fruit in truth being this when awakened.

Mind mind fruit
- Mind mind > Puddings memory
- Able to give opponent physical damage through psychological damage i.e. back pain, migraine or aging through stress.
- Ultimate attack: Mental Breakdown. Causes the opponents haki to deplete
Nothing Nothing Fruit

The user becomes the manifestation of nothingness, taking on an abstract existence, a mortal would go insane by trying to understand it. A passive aura exerted around the user that can be controlled by the user and the user alone, will reduce all that comes into contact with it into nothing no matter what dimension they are in, if they are in a corresponding spot of the dimension the aura inhabits then they will be erased as well. This is because all things must start from nothing, even infinity. The erasure is absolute and it will be as if the victim never existed, and never could exist. No amount of plot manipulation can negate it, as that will be erased as well.

This is so fucking edgy.