Creative Writing Contest #1 - Anime and Manga Series

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The Phantom!
Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first creative writing contest on WG!
Here you can write your stories and show your skills!

Now here are the details:

Theme: Anime and Manga (any series).
Type of story: Free style (for example Romance, Comedy, Alternate Universe, etc. whatever you wish, make sure to follow the Forum Rules and Guidelines, no NSFW stuff, etc.).
Length: 1k words maximum.
Rewards: Nothing. This is just for fun and creativity.

To join, please PM me and send me your story/poem/etc. with the Conversation Title "Creative Writing Contest #1".

Deadline is the 1st of April, 10pm Central European time.

Note: Please do not reveal your entries and do not tell anyone which story is yours because this could lead to things getting unfair.

Good luck participants and have fun!

Some tags for people who might be interested in joining: @Chrono @Celestia @Kiwipom @Denim @AL sama @Finalbeta @Bogard @Rej .

Jew D. Boy

Reason Will Prevail!
Tbh 1k words should be enough, but I can make it 1,5k words...
Trust me, you’re gonna be glad you increased it a bit! I’ve chafed under publisher/editor-imposed word counts before...a thousand words says a lot, but for the kind of story it seems like you’re looking for, even the additional 500 is gonna help me/presumably others spin an even richer tapestry than we might have otherwise. Also, this should be obvious, but I like to use A LOT of words where fewer would do, so I appreciate the extension on a personal level! :ace:
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