Island Crossroad Mire

Crossroad Mire comes across as a swamp village like any other. The area sees its share of fishing, hunting, and small-scale cultivation of local crops (mostly pungent fungi or plants that taste like dirt). Many occupants make a living by bartering their unique services with larger towns like Suckmud or Puce. A sluggish but steady flow of visitors come to learn magic of one kind or another, or to buy strange ingredients.
Witch of the Mine
Level 25

Strength: 37+4=41
Agility: 37+4=41
-Reaction Agility: 41
-Movement Agility: 41
Vitality: 17+4=21
-Endurance: 21
-Resilience: 21
Fighting Style: 34+6=40
-Witchcraft: 61
-Gunslinging: 19
One Time Beli Reward:
-65 000 000 Beli

Participants may learn Witchcraft from the Witch of the Mine. This territory is a secret operation of the Underworld that serves to create many potions, poisons, and other items for clients in the New World. There is no specific boss for this island but there are many connections to Umit, Drug Peclo, and even Caesar Clown to be found here.