Questions & Mysteries DB has a problem that one punch man solves easily

like it is obvious that ss2> ss and ss blue is stronger than ss god which is stronger than ss2 but we already know that ss can destroy a planet yet it never destroys any planet in a fight and even when vegeta self destrocted against buu it did not do any damage on the earth.
Another problem is that to a non reader there is no deference between the forms of goku and vegeta imagine being a 1000 times stronger than a form that can destroy a planet yet when you fight with an equal you don't destroy a planet all we know is that all the forms of goku can destroy a mountain and can create a crater unlike the previous chapters of opm where each attacks are very threatening even if they won't really damage the characters, because goku should be so strong that he can' clash with vegeta in ss2 and above without destroying a planet.

I remember freiza casually destroying a planet yet in a stronger form while he is fighting all he can do is create craters. this is the problem with creating to strong characters
DB should die already, they always have to bring the old and populars characters because the new ones are trash
Goku get a new form and still get stomped, same with vegeta and the rest of the Z fighters are useless as always :whitepress: