Spoiler DBS manga spoilers (general thread)



I know is inevitable, i'm just fooling myself :wellwell:
Not only is Goku vs Moro, Vegeta has finally arrieved :catsweat:

Spoilers for chapter 60:

Seems like good chapter.

Nice to see Toyotarou utilizing androids again they are the perfect opponents to counter Moro's ability but too bad they are too weak. If 17 can become much stronger from below semi perfect Cell to match Goku SSB (before ToP) why is he so weak now?

So Vegeta can heal. That's a neat ability. Can't wait until Vegeta gets his ass kicked again from main villain like usual :suresure:

From training Vegeta seems much stronger. He fired small ki blast but it turned into large ki beast similar to Enma. Maybe Vegeta new technique is Ki control which prevent his ki from being absorbed by Moro.


:kriwhat: Dbs super has returned..?? Last time I followed DBs it was running a weekly commercial episodes of space goat and legendary saiyan or god saiyan..??
When did this started..?? Can someone link it for me to catch up..??:few:
Its DBS manga. After TOP, there was a movie called Broly. The movie was canon.

After the movie the next arc is Moro arc but in the manga after ToP arc next arc is Moro arc(manga skips Broly arc)


The manga and anime of DBS are like two different universes, is the same idea but with different development.
If the anime come back someday, i'm sure this arc will be diffrent than the manga x3
I recommend to take a look at both :yearight:
Manga powerscaling is a mess. Master Roshi uses Ultra Instinct and dodges Jiren attack, Caulifla 1 shot Aniraza, base Gohan equal to Kefla.

At least Moro arc is good. Goku achieves Ultra Instinct Sign and cannot wait to see the result of Vegeta's training.