DC & Marvel - Official Discussion Thread

If we talk about Marvel / DC games, it’s not out of topic or is it? I honestly want a MOBA DC game. I’ve already known MOBA Marvel game and currently still playing it, waiting for Wolverine & Phoenix to come next week
I have one of the most nagging question, i hope many feels the same.

in regards of

- special effect
- the effects' blending to the real in-movie world
- cinematography
- overall emotional believability, atmosphere of urgency
- etc etc

why did Man of Steel felt far so superior to BvS and also Snyder's Cut? Why is that? MoS had no boring slow-mo effect, MoS had no cringey black dungeon parademon kingdom whatever that looks like amateurish attempt to design 3D details in environment that failed miserably and didnt blend with the outside world at all, MoS had no whole battle terrain that looked like a low-quality game.

Granted, the pacing in MoS was also very sloppy/choppy like BvS and JL SC. Zack Snyder certainly need to learn about making transitions, to make the plot points interconnected to each other. But that aside, why is the battle and grandeur in MoS so amazing even when i rewatched the terraforming scenes yesterday? And why can't Snyder's Cut or BvS achieve the same level of CGI believability or more proper cinematography? The budget should be bigger right?