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Fav villains vary but if we talking about favourite they range on the writers and story itself. Though if we just referring to DC and Marvel and not independent comics.

Dr Doom
Marquis of Death
Nobody else qualifies as Thanos has since IG imo made to look like shit otherwise he would be a good option, another would be Oblivion and after that would be Norman Osbourne. Heck i could even mention heroes who turned into villains but most of Marvel characters in a nutshell is quantity > quality imo.

Ozymandias (watchmen)
Batman who Laughs
Lex Luthor
Mist (Nash and original) from Starman comics
Reverse Flash, (Eobard Thawne)


Who are the characters reliant on their physical strength who can beat Hulk, even the strongest version, with nothing but their fists in your opinion ?
There is a long list of characters who would defeat hulk with just their brute strength alone.
Superboy/man Prime, Kal Kent, Strange Visitor Superman, Cosmic Armour Superman, Silver Age Superman, Bizarro, All-star Superman, Cyborg Superman, Injustice Superman, Ultraman (Earth Three Superman), Kingdom Come Superman, Red Son Superman & probably Val-Zod. Those are just various incarnations of superman who would stomp the hulk.

I can see Maestro, WWH and WB defeating golden age and probably post crisis Superman:kayneshrug:

Most of the superman listed above could run a gaunlet against every version of hulk and wouldn't even need a heal.

If I was to list the various characters who would mop the floor with the Hulk, we'll be here all day.


I appreciate the tag bro. That look flames. I really hope Snyder remove that Diana "Kal-El" scene. That shit was cringe af.
4 hours tho :zorothink: and I thought the Godfather trilogy were long :emohiyo:
excited asfk for that helmut zemo being their arch enemy

i feel like bucky got nerfed alot from the civil war and winter soldier movies lol, but im happy they r finally getting some spotlight


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It pains me how this thread focuses more on the Normie pandering Movies and TV Shows than the comics
I'll probably make more of these in the future:

Jean Grey's General Character Analysis

Part of the Marvel verse and created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Jean is a mutant (Humans featuring the X-gene causing them to become superhuman by developing superhuman powers manifesting at puberty).

She is an Omega-level mutant, bearing a particularly powerful genetic potential.

Some of her most prominent powers are telepathy and telekinesis.
The Phoenix Force is her principal power, which however is portrayed in several ways throughout the history of the character. Pre Retcon it being a manifestation of her own genetic potential, Post Retcon it being a separate entity, within the latter case she being a host or even not, by simply manipulating its cosmic power.

When Jean is in total control of the Phoenix Force she is WPoTC (White Phoenix of The Crown) also known as 'One True Phoenix' in that she as the host and the Force are so remarkably compatible they are virtually a single entity. This is the most powerful version and the one wielding the highter scale of cosmic power.

If she is not in full control she is Green Phoenix.

When she loses control and the Phoenix Force takes over she becomes the Dark Phoenix, an evil entity.

Her telepathy allows to communicate with highly intelligent animals and even perform therapy to grant protection against mind control abilities. She can even read and manipulate people's emotions and is in general a major Empath because of this quirk.

Her telekinesis allows her to shape or move matter, animate and inanimate, thanks to the which for example flying or even creating protective force fields or even using matter offensively.

By combinating telepathy and telekinesis she can control the Psychic energy of an ambient and use it to generate powerful blasts.

The Phoenix Force (depending on how powerful, the more the stronger her general powers are) can allow her as far as granting her different immortality types (in verse terms), resurrect the dead or opposedly absorb life force and use it. Allow her to empower her superpowers to the point she can manipulate atomic structures on an Universal scale, creating black holes, shaping reality as she sees fit. Absorb extensively high energies or even turn her very physical being into energy. Create spacetime warps that allow to travel through hyperspace at superluminar speeds, since in hyperspace that is permitted. Even reset entire timelines.

The Phoenix Force is the embodiment of life thus she can exist abstractly, be nigh-omnipresent. (Incorporeality)

The Phoenix Force, lastly, presents itself via cosmic flames, which funnily don't require oxygen to burn and are so intense they can consume matter without leaving ashes, defying the laws of physics.