Anime & Manga Did agenda piece fall off


cuz defending sanji all the time gets tiring, remember people were saying this was going to be another sanji arc, then he would unlock coc to save bonney


i'm seeing a lot of people trash talking Sanji around the internet lately, even outside of Worstgen lmao

What happened? was it really just Egghead?
Because at the end of the day, Oda is going to rewrite the same battle arcs time and time again. Agenda piece hit its peak in Wano because people thought this was going to be different, but it wasn’t.

So now, it doesn’t matter what happens inn egghead or even Elbaf power wise, cause when the straw hats go to war with Blackbeard Odas just going to write:
Luffy losing then barely beating the enemy like he does every time
Zoro overcoming a stronger opponent (2nd strongest) by making himself stronger
Sanji overcoming a personal weakness against a stronger opponent (3rd strongest) and making himself stronger
Usopp and Nami get shafted

And everyone else gets rushed fights against lesser people that no one really cares about

It’s kinda pointless to push agenda piece when you know how it’s going to end like this again and again.