Powers & Abilities Did Akainu hold back against Aokiji?

Ah another fan review I thought it was some sort of statement on the subject however it's just more speculation.
The guys are basically saying that Akainu couldn't hit Aokiji for a whole 10 days, and making it look worse than it already is, after all even Old Garp can easily hit Aokiji.
No Akainu didn't hold back. You're reading two piece if you think that.

I want to address this DF matchup misconception people have on Akainu v Aokiji
Aokiji's DF if im not mistaken, is the Cold-Cold fruit not the Ice-Ice fruit. Meaning he can super cool objects to the point they get turned to ice

Akainu is magma, which when super cooled gets turned to solid crystal like substances depending on the rate of cooling. Meaning akainu would get turned to solid at cold temperatures which would make him vulnerable to critical hits, add Haki on those attacks and it becomes even more dangerous.
But Akainu can generate even more Magma which will help him counter it meaning he remains in logia form continuously.

There was no disadvantage for Aokiji in this matchup. Both fruits were equal here.

P.S pls dont blame me if there is some incorrect scientific logic here, i found this shit on google
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It's a high possibility, yes.

No equal is having the other at his mercy.

Kuzan was the challenger. Akainu wasn't. Kuzan was the aggressor, Akainu wasn't. So yes with Akainu who does hold comrades that fought for the Marines in high regard, he very well could've held back.

The non-sense of "equal for 10 days in fighting" = Equals. It's a sheer idiotic logic. I can fight on par with you for 10 rounds and get my asswhooped in the 11th, while you still have the ability to go 5 more rounds of fighting.

Only facts we know of the fight:

-> Kuzan could keep up with as Akainu's equal for 10 days, and due to the lethality of their DFs, both attained insane burn scars.
-> 11th day Kuzan couldn't and Akainu proceeded to show him mercy
-> One lost his leg and the other got a chipped ear.

What was Akainu's condition on 11th day? We don't know. How long could Akainu have gone for? We don't know.

This Akainu underrating to wank Kuzan is disgusting as fuck. Mfs would rather make up their own headcanons of Akainu's ending condition to wank Kuzan, than use anything factual.
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