Questions & Mysteries Did Judge create Germa in its current state?

There’s still a lot of weird things about Germa 66 but the weirdest is the complete lack of citizens within it.

Every person ever seen in germa are clones of just a few main individuals which we know didn’t exist until judge and vegapunk and queen discovered the lineage factor.

This spawned the army which then spawned Germas infamy. However, this does seem to lead to a question of how much of germa existed before Judge and what exactly judges relationship with the germa kingdom was while he was in MADS.

What happened to the civilians? Were they already few and far between when judge took over? Did judge banish them for their weakness? Did Oda just not care about this?
Are there any insights in the manga regarding Judge's ancestors? 🤔
Never mentioned his ancestry line. Just that he wants to recreate the Germa Empire.

I think that leaves enough doubt in the idea that Judge may not have been royalty of germa before he was king.