Questions & Mysteries Did Kakashi need an antagonistic rival?


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I’ve noticed a trend whenever I see people talking about the Land of Waves arc. When mentioning the good things about it, they stress how Zabuza being a foil to Kakashi really helps the arc out. Usually including how Kakashi really lacks anyone like this to push him for the rest of the series.

You do have Obito, but that doesn’t get personal until the very end of the series. It’s far too late for Obito to be considered some rival.

I personally think it would’ve been a good idea to have someone play that role for Kakashi. While he’s never boring, he is a bit on the sidelines in Shippuden and doesn’t have an impetus to push himself until the final arc.

I don't think it's needed for him. His main role was that of a mentor...I mean Jiraya actually had something of a sasuke/naruto type relation with orochimaru...that too was not really important and I believe I did not really think that they should expand more on it(was already cringing with naruto/Sasuke stuff anyway..). Obito is more than enough I would was not too dramatic or long plot with him. And that is enough. Obito is also not really a rival but just another important plot character to include kakashi too in the story.

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Yeah I think that would have been nice.

Like you said, Zabuza did it masterfully, and it would have been nice to have someone like that for more of the series.

Kakashi doesn't need it, but I wouldn't say no to more exploration of Kakashi.
I don't really think he needs more rivals in addition to Obito and Guy :absojustice:

That's more or less Guy's entire existence, if he had another rival on top of this he'd basically be an mc. His purpose is to be the wise shinobi the heroes are going to follow, he pretty much had a "resolved" life.

If you mean opponents in general? Yes, I'd like it if he had someone of relevance who he could personally take care of, instead it was always Naruto with the endgame
Might guy was initially meant to be friendly -rival to kakashi but manga direction changed and he was reduced to being side kick role .

Zabuza was nowhere near to Kakashi's level so to me it makes sense kishimoto never really focused on him especially Naruto/sasuke narrative took over since shippuden.