Chapter Discussion Did Sabo survive?

Did Sabo Die (for the third time)

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Why no poll?:choppawhat:

I don't think Oda would do that to Luffy. So he's alive, but it's super cheap to have him "die" twice. Oda reused two ideas in this last chapter, the lightning and Sabo being dead. It's weird.

At this point, I'm wondering if "Everyone's worried about Sabo!:noo:" is Oda's attempt at a meme.
Yeah of course he survived ..... Oda can use him being a Logia as an excuse anyway .

But Sengoku said GV was completely erased ( without a trace ) , and i think it was Imu .
So i think the same happened to Lulusia , nothing there survived Imu's lightnings blast , except Sabo who is now floating on the sea
( and will definitely survive anyhow ) .