Powers & Abilities Did Xebec have a black blade ?

Did Xebec have a black blade ?

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I don't think so, the only black blades we have seen so far were made by the best swordsman of their era (maybe even the 2 vest ever if Oda doesn't deepen the matter) so nope. Xebec like Roger or WB will most likely be a lot of things (strongest man of his era, ruled the seas like Roger and then WB after Roger, top tier in all haki types etc.) but nothing suggests he also was able to make a black blade like Mihawk and Ryuma when people like Roger and WB couldn't.

Most likely to make a black blade you not only need top tier coa but also to dedicate your life to the sword (or something along this line) and that is why Ryuma and Mihawk could do it while others could not.


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Straight off the hype this character has, I would say yes. It's a wild pick but hey why not?
He was most likely above Roger and Garp.