Future Events Discussing Zoro next Power up (the battle between Zoro and King )

I believe the next power up for zoro is

- Advance Color Of Supreme King

However, I believe Oda will dig into the "scar eye" and the reasons for both Ryuma and Zoro.

I believe the battle between King and Zoro will last at least 3-5 chapters, and sure, some people may oppose the concept of the Advance Color of Supreme King power up :choppawhat:

But if you're against it, what do you think Zoro's next power up will be against King?
It’ll be a sword upgrade. Either Nidai Kitetsu or Black blade Enma.
He had already 2 powerups in this arc and you want more? -.-
What two powerups?
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Yes, but if he does not use it against King, then it won't count as an powerup until he can use it consciously.

Enma is double powerup.
-As a training tool.
-As an attack power tool with its ability.

So there is no need of more powerup for King wth. He only needs to start using Enma's ability as he did against Kaido.
Enma doesn't give Zoro extra attack power. It takes from Zoro haki. A training tool isn't a powerup. Thats called training something you boy doesn't know much about
Asura level strength awakening and turning his blades black. He'll tap into that Haki he used on Kaido

if zoro need a power-up against king that means king is stronger than zoro currently
Or just strong enough. Surviving Zoro's time limit is also a victory so Zoro can't sit there for ten hours like Luffy vs Katakuri