Do you believe in Aliens (and have they visited earth?)


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Just a genuine question, no judgement here. Lot of people in the U.S. seem to believe in Aliens and with recent U.F.O. footage coming out, it's more of a recurring topic in my friends group.

Personally? I do think some form of extraterrestrial life exists out there. I'm not sure if it's intelligent though. I don't think Aliens visited our planet though. The space between star systems is just so wide, that I can't see aliens realistically shooting through the cosmos just to spy on us.


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Yes, there are many hints that eludes to otherworldly beings having assisted or shown themselves in ancient past.
Of course, if we're talking hard evidence it's something else.

I could go more in depth later, but TLDR, yes, there's a quite high possibility we've encountered aliens in some ways in the past.

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Well if there is countless galaxies there is countless posibilities for Aliens.

I personally believe they are somewhere out there. How developed is another question. Some are more advances than us and some still in stone age

If they did visit us we are probably so weak we just aint worth the problem. Maybe they just keeping an eye on us

We arent ready for them. We.hate each other, god knows how we would behave towards them

But bring me those big titty allien girls

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While the building of the Egyptian pyramids probably was made by man, it was with utmost certainty not done in 20 years, that's just not possible. A Mayan Pyarmid half the size took 120 years to build, so yeah, you do the math LMAO.
Idk man, estimate is that thousands slaves died building it. Plus Egypt had better tech mainly when it comes to construction
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Aliens definitely exist. We just need to figure out how to conquer and enslave them first before they enslave us.
Aliens don't exist

I love that movie lol.
On topic, I dont think aliens have visited us but its possible that they exist
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Aliens definitely exist. We just need to figure out how to conquer and enslave them first before they enslave us.
What if they already conquered us and we don't even know about it coz we are living in a simulation?
With how big the universe is you could never say for sure that nothing exists
I do believe there is life in other places and some probably are more advanced than us and might have even visited the earth but i don't believe any of the people that say they were abducted or saw aliens or that US is doing tests on their technology
I used to believe in aliens, when I was 8 years old I remember learning about all the planets in our solar system and wishing I could be an astronaut to one day go to space.

When I was 20 I thought the only way I was ever going to get to space was if I had my own space company as Nasa was seemingly not doing anything interesting, I was thinking of taking the same path as Elon Musk.

I was very into outer space, other planets and possible intelligent ET's out there.

Over the years I've studied every topic there is about aliens, mythology, religion, conspiracy theories, alien abduction stories, spirituality and I've yet to reach a definite answer.

However from what I've gathered over the years I can tell you about aliens if they exist as I've come to understand them.

I speculate what we have called aliens are
1) not extraterrestrials but interdimensional beings
2) They don't have your best interest in mind, infact they feed on your fear
3) They have always existed with humans and infact are here now but you can't see them unless you're in an altered state of conciousness such as astral projection or experiencing sleep paralysis.

That's my take on them.
I don't believe that Earth is so special it's the only planet that can hold life. There are two TRILLION observable galaxies out there, some even 10 times bigger that the milky way, and the biggest known is 60 times bigger. And you want me to believe that we are the only life in the universe? Hell, i believe that there is life in milky way beside us.

Have they visited Earth? Hell no, everyone would know if they did. I mean, Proxima Centauri is 4 light years ahead, humans reached only 40,000 km per hour while light speed is 300,000 km per SECOND, so unless aliens found negative mass and developed warp drive, the sheer distance between stars wouldn't let them reach us, let alone size of galaxies.