Do you believe in Aliens (and have they visited earth?)

Yes.. but as of visiting us.. there have been historical rumors.. and the US's keenness to keep it discreet and fabricate the information and reality..
then again it's a possibility that making their discretion conspicuous is meant to provoke a public backlash.... a well-constructed farce in the grand scheme of things..

I do believe aliens exist.. and some may have tried to contact current day day Papa John's asking for the Pharoah..... jokes aside yes
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I suggest you do your research on subject before make uninformed comments.
the guy took Stampede too seriously

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I heard a theory i dig

It says that humanity wasnt created by aliens but it was influenced by them.

One of the biggest entities humans worshipped over the years was the sun. However humans didnt really know just how sun influences the World.

They had some idea, mainly bcs of spring hence why Slavic and Germans worshiped a godess of Spring whos name was simillar to Easter

Outside of that sun was always highly worshipped, most deitys were sun related. Some historians argue they didnt worship sun as sum but rather their intepretation was that alien ships were like the sun bcs of shape and ingition
Yes i do believe in them. And imagine how lucky we would be if we would live in the historic moment when aliens will reveal theirselves to the humans. It would be incredible,and we would be very lucky to see that (if they have good intentions! Hehe) but i like to be optimistic,and believe they would be good,so i hope that we people that live in this historical period,will see them!


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I definitely think there is a life outside of earth. If our planet could develop and humanity came to be I definitely think that somewhere there is a life but I don't know if it would be more advanced than earth.

I don't believe in Ufo some shit like super technologically advanced forms of life.