Do you compliment other guys on appearance or other stuff?

I compliment everyone, whether they are a male or female if your looking hot and beautiful as well as handsome or your hair is on point or you've got a nice outfit best believe I'll be giving you a compliment.

It's a good too spread some positivity with that and to lift others up cause you never know if someone's struggling and having a bad day. Body positivity always. πŸ’œ
met this 6'3" guy on the streets. cupped his face and told him that his skin was so smooth and that he had magnificent eyes.
typing this from hospital.

idk about you. guys usually are not that receptive for flattery from other dudes.
unless I know the person already I would never. even then he would have to be the one to bring the topic up. like mentioning that hes beeing working out or has new hairstyle etc.
we compliment em

for their beard, looks, muscles etc saying mashallah right no evil eye inflicts that person
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I said "nice cock" to my friend once
must be one healthy cock.. made some Rotisserie out of it i reckon
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this whole stereotypic labeling it "gay" thing is what's annoying honestly..